About:Shraddha Gandhi

Shraddha Gandhi: Shraddha Gandhi has been a professor at various August establishments. Born in a spiritual household with childhood spent at various ashrams in India, spiritual scriptures and their teachings form the base of Shraddha’s persona and personality. A scientific mindset proves to be an asset as Shraddha translates and simplifies various scriptures proven by science research into an applicable written and lecture format. Leaving her profession, Shraddha decided to follow her passion, which is the excavation of the hidden truths and prove them scientifically. This explains why she started a venture called ‘The Divine Design’. Fondly called ‘Didi’ by most of her clients and students, she insists that though she accepts the affection, it is always better to be on a first name basis. “It is very easy for a human to fall into an emotion when you name a relation. Then the individual takes a second seat and the emotion comes in forefront. That kind of defeats the whole purpose of growth”, she says. Today Shraddha Gandhi gives various lectures and seminars to corporates and students on the Theory of Karma and Aura Scanning. She also uses various scientific research tools and machines to scan an individual aura.

She has presented her theories on aura before the Supreme Justice of India Dr. P. N. Bhagwati, and been awarded for the same.
The Vice Chancellor of Mumbai has acknowledged Ms. Shraddha Gandhi’s contribution in her field. Shraddha has had various lectures in August institutes like Somaiya College, M.E.T College, Bhaidas Hall, ISKON, etc…
She has taken thousands of individual Aura Scans on which she is presently writing a thesis of her research about the same.
Some of her clients include:
Dr. P.N Bhagwati
Kiran Bedi
Princess Rohini Devi Jadeja (daughter of the last king of Bhavnagar and daughter in law of the last Emperor of Kutch).
Amit roy (T.V Artist)
Priyank Shah (T.V Artist)
Dr. Kavita Jhingan (Model)
Mr. Ameet Mehta (Advocate)
Swami Krishnandji
Swami Satkrupanandji
She received the best speaker’s award from Mr. Anand Mahindra at an executive debate on synergy in management.
Authored a book on Management and Preksha Dhyan.
Shraddha Gandhi’s mission in life is to explore and establish the realities beyond the obvious. Which is why she started her own Company ‘The Divine Design’ to fulfill this vision.
The Divine Design is an endeavor to excavate the original divine design as ordained.